Burning planned this winter in Site C project areas

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – BC Hydro will be doing their clearing and debris management in various Site C project areas.Merchantable trees of sufficient size, quality and volume that are suitable for harvest will be hauled to local mills. The remaining wood waste may be chipped, mulched, spread as coarse woody debris or burned on site.Burning is expected to take place in the following areas over several months this winter and spring when venting windows are available: Along the Highway 29 realignment area at Halfway River.Along the reservoir on both banks of the Peace River: Moberly River drainage area; lower and eastern reservoir areas (from the dam site to Cache Creek); middle reservoir area (from Cache Creek to Halfway River).At sections of the 75-kilometre transmission line right-of-way between the Site C dam site and the Peace Canyon Dam.At the Portage Mountain and West Pine quarries.Burning takes place during weather periods known as venting windows. These are periods with the right weather conditions to disperse smoke, as set by the Ministry of Environment.BC Hydro and our contractors will plan and monitor burning carefully, including the timing, size and location of the wood piles, and the smoke being emitted. We will comply with regulatory requirements and BC Hydro’s Site C Smoke Management Plan.For more info on Clearing and Debris Management CLICK HERE For more info on Site C Smoke Management CLICK HERElast_img read more

Policemen in Noida get meal from Namo Foods

first_imgNoida: A controversy emerged at one of the polling booth of Noida after the police officials posted on election duty were served food packets written ‘Namo foods’ atop the packet. However, senior police officials clarified that the packets were procured from Namo Food Shop and not from any political party.Vaibhav Krishna, Senior Superintendent of Police, Gautam Buddh Nagar said that the food packets were procured from a food shop in sector 2 of Noida which is also registered with Zomato. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murder”Some people are spreading misinformation that Policemen have been distributed food from a Political party. The information is absolutely wrong and packets were ordered on April 10 for election duty from a food outlet in sector 2 of Noida, named Namo foods. There is no official order to procure food from any particular food outlet while the meals were arranged by the district administration and police” said Krishna. The incident was reported from sector 15A polling booth of Noida where Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP’s) sitting Member of Parliament Mahesh Sharma also casted his vote on Thursday morning. The controversy erupted after a video and images of a hatchback car carrying these food packets went viral and came into the notice of some media persons present at the polling booth. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsSoon after the news was published on a few media channels, senior police and administrative officials took cognisance of the matter and issued an explanation. Sources said that Namo Food private limited is a non government company with its outlets all over India. The company is registered with Registrar of companies in Pune and is operating since 2010. Meanwhile, Uttar Pradesh Chief Electoral Officer has asked GB Nagar district administration for their explanation on these food packets.last_img read more

ADDIS important financing roles of private investment business highlighted at UN conference

“I urge private sector leaders – including CEOs and institutional investors – to be part of the solution, and to consider new commitments for investment in sustainable development,” Mr. Ban told participants at the Business Forum of the Third International Conference on Financing for Development, which is taking place in the Ethiopian capital from 13 to 16 July.“I also urge even greater engagement in socially responsible investment and environmental, social and governance issues,” he added. The Conference is expected to launch a renewed and strengthened partnership to secure the resources needed for the well-being of all people and the health of the planet. The Business Forum provides an opportunity for business and investors to, among other things, influence the global dialogue to ensure an enabling environment for business; underscore the role and success of the private sector in delivering development solutions; and demonstrate the private sector’s ability to scale and accelerate progress given their creativity, capacity for innovation, technical and management skills and financial resources.“It is clear that responsible business and investment will play a critical role,” the UN chief stated, noting that the financing requirements to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals that world leaders will adopt in September will “far surpass” current development flows. “We will need complementary forms of financing,” he said, adding that private investment and the business sector have important financing roles.Mr. Ban also highlighted the UN Global Compact, the world’s largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative, which has rallied business behind important issues such as fighting corruption, fair labour standards and human rights. With over 8,000 companies and 4,000 non-business stakeholders in 160 countries, the Compact can “mobilize a global force of businesses for good,” he stated. read more

Who Didnt Expect This Final Four

gfoster (Geoff Foster, sports editor): Welcome to FiveThirtyEight’s Final Four chat! After the chalk prevailed in the first weekend, the second weekend finally provided some upsets. In the Elite Eight, three of four underdogs won outright, and the fourth, Purdue, probably should have won — but Virginia’s last-second heroics and overtime win make the Cavs the lone No. 1 seed left in the tournament. What was the biggest surprise of the weekend?jplanos (Josh Planos, contributor): I think we should just cede the floor to Neil, who can discuss his perfect Final Four choices: neil: (And we can really talk savvy when we discuss Auburn’s Jared Harper…)jakelourim: Mike Krzyzewski talked all weekend about how minor injuries disrupted the continuity of his freshman-led team, and I could feel eyes rolling out of heads. But does a freshman core that’s only played a handful of games together have the ability to do that? I’m not sure.neil: Right. It seems like a big legacy of this one-and-done era will be of mostly unmet expectations for these freshman-star-laden teams.gfoster: We joke about how boring the Cavs are (and make no mistake, they are mostly drying paint basketball), but the Purdue-Virginia game might have been my favorite of the tournament. Before overtime, Carsen Edwards’s game was unreal. It must be discouraging to get that type of performance from your star in the Elite Eight and still lose.jplanos: Edwards was a one-man wrecking ball the entire tourney and, frankly, it feels unfair that he had to lose. I think there’s a sound argument to be made that it’s less than optimal to have one player responsible for nearly all of your offensive production, but man was it entertaining.In arguably the two biggest games of his life, Edwards put up 71 points on 47 percent shooting from the field and went 15-33 from 3-point land. The degree of difficulty on most of those shots was superhuman.Also, long live Ryan Cline. That performance against Tennessee will get washed over because of Carsen and the excitement of the Elite Eight slate, but man…jakelourim: It really was unfortunate that one of those teams had to lose. Because on the other side, you have Tony Bennett trying to exorcise his Final Four demons and erase the memory of last year. He has made a tremendously successful career out of coaching the pack-line defense and forcing opponents to take shots like the ones Purdue took Saturday night. And then Carsen Edwards goes and does that.gfoster: Kyle Guy stepped up. If he doesn’t repeatedly answer Edwards’s threes with ones of his own, UVA is gone.neil: It was unfortunate that Edwards started to run out of gas at the end of OT. He missed a heat check late — which he’d earned the right to take, given the previous bombs — and had a tough turnover on a pass out of bounds in the final seconds. He’d been so brilliant that you expected him to keep making the superhuman look routine.jplanos: I usually abide by a never-trust-a-man-with-two-first-names mantra, but I’m willing to make an exception for Kyle Guy.No other Boilermaker had more than 7 points in that game. Yikes.jakelourim: Good point, Josh. Nobody else even took more than seven shots! And that’s including five extra OT minutes.neil: Edwards personally scored 56 percent of Purdue’s total — which was the second-most points UVA gave up in a game all season.jakelourim: He also scored more points than Coppin State and William & Mary did as TEAMS against Virginia.gfoster: The last team in the Final Four is Bruce Pearl’s Auburn Tigers, who are the lowest remaining seed. A lot of people wrote off their chances of beating UK when Chuma Okeke when down. How do you think they will fare against UVA?jplanos: I’d like to take this time to apologize for openly scoffing at Geoff picking Auburn to advance out of the Sweet 16. I even wrote it down in my diary and laughed!jakelourim: This thought stuck in my head all of Friday night and Sunday afternoon: Remember how much of a spectacular mess Auburn was in the final seconds of its first-round game against New Mexico State? I did not watch that team and think, “Yeah, they’ll probably get to the Final Four.”jplanos: This weekend was a big one for the EVERYBODY COUNTED US OUT crowd. I count all four teams citing it, which means, yep, that slogan remains undefeated.jakelourim: Yes, we’re deep into “Why Not Us?” season.neil: To your question Geoff, Bryce Brown and Jared Harper are going to have to keep scoring! The backcourt duo combined for 50 points against UK, with each taking turns taking over the game.Special props to Auburn, btw, for avenging its 27-point loss at Kentucky from a few weeks earlier.jplanos: I love that Virginia has to go through Auburn, a team with a style that must be anathema to the Hoos.gfoster: Also this game served as a PSA against making banners where you openly mock injuries.jplanos: If only we had known beforehand that Kentucky’s fan base has no limits…jakelourim: Enjoyed that Bruce Pearl actually admitted to the popular strategy of “We’re going to get the ball to Jared and Bryce, and everyone else get the fuck out of the way.”neil: It made sense. I am totally enamored with Harper in particular. He just has a sense of where everyone is on the court and what is the right play to make. Such a smart player.jplanos: I think I fell in love with Auburn’s style this weekend. There was a slow-motion replay in the second half that captured an Auburn player swatting a Kentucky player’s shot at the rim while clearly mouthing “GIVE ME THAT SHIT,” and it was wonderful and emblematic of how the Tigers approach the game on both ends. Every play is a highlight to be made.jakelourim: I also think this draw continues to favor Virginia. I don’t think Auburn is going to be the team to speed up Virginia in the semifinals, and in the final, neither Michigan State nor Texas Tech is going to bombard Virginia with unmatched athleticism, as Duke did in both of their regular-season meetings.gfoster: So is that your prediction Jake?jakelourim: Yes, my champion pick is still alive, so I’m sticking with Virginia.jplanos: I like Virginia to advance and play Texas Tech, which will be … a game of basketball.neil: I must keep my original predictions, so I’m taking UVA and MSU, with the Cavs winning it all.gfoster: I’m riding Auburn!!!!! … for one more game. I think they do shoot their way past Virginia’s defense. And then lose to Michigan State in the final. And we all get our dream fulfilled of seeing more Tom Izzo dancing videos like this: gfoster: MSU tends to struggle in the third weekend: eight Final Fours now but just one title for Tom Izzo. Is Michigan State essentially the 1990s Atlanta Braves? Loads of playoff success and the one token title to ward off Geoff making Buffalo Bills comparisons.^ Third-person alert.neil: I think Izzo was motivated to take back the “best performance vs. seed expectations” crown from Jim Boeheim.Izzo’s teams have a long history of exceeding expectations en route to the Final Four, but maybe that’s why they don’t win titles. Overachieving can only get you so far.jakelourim: It has always seemed to me that the talent differential has caught up to Michigan State in some of those Final Fours. I thought it was interesting that Tom Izzo said privately before the 2009 title game that if the Tyler Hansbrough/Ty Lawson UNC team played well, Michigan State would lose. “There’s just more talent there,” Izzo said. (And MSU did lose.) But if the talent didn’t catch up to the Spartans against Duke, when will it happen?jplanos: Zion was clearly gassed, but he also was unquestionably the team’s best option on offense. And then he … stopped getting the ball. I was surprised that Coach K didn’t dial up any isolations for him over the final possessions or demand some sort of clear-out.gfoster: At least Duke has Zion and Barrett for three more years where they can continue to grow as upperclassmen and take home multiple championships…….neil: LOLjplanos: My question is: Can we still get a Zion cam? Can we watch the kid ink his shoe deal during the Final Four?gfoster: It is frustrating we don’t get more college Zion. He’s so entertaining.jakelourim: It’s fair to wonder if/when we’ll ever see another college player like him again, right, with the NBA apparently set to change the one-and-done rule in 2022?jplanos: I can’t remember seeing a team win an Elite Eight game (or any NCAA Tournament game) having made just two free throws, like Michigan State did. **cue Sports-Reference search**neil: It’s actually astonishing when you look at the stats of that game in general that MSU won.Duke shot better on FGs, 3Ps and FTs and had more rebounds. The turnovers were the only main category where Duke lost, and they lost big.jplanos: Full transparency: I was ready to call curtains when the Blue Devils had that 21-5 run in the opening half.jakelourim: What was stunning to me was that Duke turned the ball over 17 times. (Back to the point of “If they play well, they’ll win” — they did not play well.) Michigan State is 342nd in defensive turnover rate at 15 percent, according to Ken Pomeroy, and that’s counting Sunday’s game.neil: Which just lent more credence to the idea that the only team talented enough to beat Duke was … Duke.gfoster: Let’s talk about what’s not as entertaining: Texas Tech’s defensive domination. The Red Raiders made Michigan shoot like my JV basketball team when the bench had been emptied in the final minutes. Then did a similar suffocation of Gonzaga, holding the Bulldogs and the nation’s most efficient offense to just 69 points.jplanos: The Red Raiders indeed smothered Michigan and then turned the second half of their win over Gonzaga into a rock fight. To see the nation’s most efficient offense reduced to 32 second-half points and 16 total turnovers was really something.neil: According to Ken Pomeroy’s ratings, Texas Tech is the nation’s best defensive team. The Red Raiders certainly played like it.jplanos: If you had told me that Texas Tech would advance to the Final Four on a terrible Jarrett Culver shooting performance (5-of-19 from the field, 2-of-8 from three), I would have laughed in your face.neil: Or that they would win despite Rui Hachimura having a pretty good game (22 points).jplanos: It really seemed like the Zags missed the part of the game plan detailing turnovers. Texas Tech ranks 11th in opponent turnover percentage, according to KenPom, and lives by the deflection, especially on entry passes. It seemed like there were 10 bounce passes into the post that were immediate turnovers. YOU CAN’T POCKET PASS THIS TEAM.jakelourim: (Just finished that sports-reference search, Josh: No team has won an Elite Eight game with two free throws or fewer since at least 2011.)jplanos: You know who didn’t show up for the Wolverines? Two upperclassmen: Charles Matthews and Zavier Simpson.Simpson finished 0-5 against Texas Tech with one assist and four turnovers. Not exactly what you’re expecting from a second-team all-conference player. And in the final game of his college career, Matthews had a team-high five turnovers and finished 3-9 from the field and 0-4 from 3-point land.gfoster: Let’s put it this way and move on: Michigan’s performance in the Sweet 16 was the worst I’ve ever seen a basketball team play.jplanos: LOLneil: And you watched that UConn-Butler final from a few years back.gfoster: I generally don’t like to talk about blown calls. But the Tariq Owens block play against Gonzaga was a pretty bad one to miss at a key moment: Check out our latest March Madness predictions. jakelourim: Michigan’s loss to Texas Tech generated the Wolverines’ seventh-worst offensive efficiency rating of the KenPom era and fourth-worst under John Beilein.jplanos: I don’t know what being put in a straightjacket feels like, but I imagine it’s similar to playing the Red Raiders.gfoster: Virginia is now the betting favorite in the tournament at 3-2. Would you have guessed that the Hoos would be the lone ACC No. 1 seed to make it through? It wasn’t long ago when I was momentarily planning how FiveThirtyEight would react to a UVA loss to Gardner-Webb.jplanos: I certainly wouldn’t have. If we get a Virginia-Texas Tech national title game, will next year’s NCAA Tournament even be televised? And will it set back college basketball 15 years?gfoster: First one to 50 points wins!neil: I think Virginia also benefited from a relatively easy path to Minneapolis. According to our power ratings, the rest of the South contained the eighth, 10th and 16th best teams in the Sweet 16.jplanos: Considering the moment, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more impressive baseball-style pass than the one Kihei Clark (A FRESHMAN) beamed to Mamadi Diakite for Virginia’s buzzer-beater against Purdue. That was a rocket. jakelourim (Jake Lourim, contributor): If you look at last week’s chat, that makes Neil Captain Obvious, right?neil (Neil Paine, senior sports writer): I wish I could say I had a fancy analytical model to make these picks, but I spent an entire podcast segment saying I was selectively ignoring stats and picking with my gut. The most anti-FiveThirtyEight way to get a perfect Final Four possible.jplanos: I think the big winner is Under Armour getting two Final Four teams, but Duke (the top overall seed) falling probably takes the cake.neil: Yeah, Duke losing before the Final Four has to be the headline surprise, I think.Although one could make an easy case that the Blue Devils were lucky to even make it as far as they did…gfoster: Were you that surprised by Duke losing? That game had the smallest spread of the last four, and Duke had aggressively flirted with death against Virginia Tech and UCF.jplanos: I wasn’t because Michael Avenatti called it, but the Blue Devils were the Icarus of the tournament. It felt like they trailed at halftime of nearly every game.neil: This Duke team was fascinating because, in terms of talent, nobody can match that group. And when Zion was taking over, it was difficult to envision how they could lose. Yet they did not consistently play to their abilities, particularly in this tournament. Even in those close wins, they left you wanting more.jplanos: Shoutout to Alex O’Connell getting the start and finishing with three total minutes. When was the last time a starter finished with less than five minutes played and wasn’t injured or ejected?gfoster: The story before the tournament was that Michigan State got handed an awful draw because the Spartans won the Big Ten tourney and still got put in Duke’s region. Now I wonder whether it was Duke that got the bad draw.Can Cassius Winston one-man-army his way to a title? We’ve seen versatile point guards do this before in March Madness.jplanos: He’s this season’s Kemba Walker. He started off pretty tepid against Duke and then exploded for 20 points and 10 assists, with four steals and one turnover, which, when you consider the ball is effectively always in his hands and he was lined up against an on-ball hound in Tre Jones, is absurd. I came away extremely impressed.neil: Winston also got some help when he needed it late against Duke. Xavier Tillman had 19 in the game, and Kenny Goins overcame a horrendous shooting game to make a huge shot in the final minute.jakelourim: Winston really can do it all. He’s had to do so much since Michigan State lost Joshua Langford in December, and through the Big Ten season, Big Ten tournament and then this weekend, I kept waiting for the Spartans to run out of magic. But they haven’t. It seemed throughout Sunday that Winston always knew the right play to make, and Duke didn’t. What was up with Zion not taking the last shot(s) in the final minute?jplanos: The RJ Barrett Show seemed like a suboptimal approach down the stretch.neil: People were really killing Barrett for taking so many of Duke’s final shots.jakelourim: I did think that Michigan State had the best game plan (outside of Syracuse and the 2-3 zone, which is unique) for slowing down Zion. Tillman was outstanding on defense and made himself a lot of money on Sunday.neil: Barrett also missed the free throw he was supposed to make, and made the one he was supposed to miss.Sheesh. It was frustrating that it was never reviewed. Isn’t this exactly what replay in basketball is for?jplanos: Not a great tournament across the board for officiating out-of-bounds calls. From ABC News: jakelourim: Virginia hasn’t been particularly impressive in any of its four games — not like the Hoos were during the regular season — but it does seem like experience and chemistry won out in the regionals after a chalk-filled first weekend. I keep thinking about the moment at the end of the Michigan State-Duke game when Xavier Tillman motioned for Cassius Winston to hurry down the floor and run out the clock. That’s a savvy move. read more

Rare Second World War bomb shelter sign obliterated by blundering workmen in Deptford

Very pleased to see that the graffiti on the WWII bomb shelter sign by the edge of @DeptfordMktYard has been cleaned. 75+ years of history preserved! 😊 pic.twitter.com/6oW8jL3dIv— Deptford Society (@deptfordsociety) July 16, 2018 A rare Second World War “ghost” bomb shelter sign has been obliterated by blundering workmen who painted over the London landmark.The sign in Deptford, south-east London, which dates back more than 70 years, survived the Luftwaffe’s bombs during the Blitz, but was covered over in bright black and white paint last week by contractors working for a property developer.The ghost sign, the name given to faded advertisements or government warning often painted by hand on brickwork, is located in the Deptford Market Yard development and is believed to be one of just a handful of bomb shelter signs still in existence.Contractors working for developer U+I painted over the sign in error last week while maintaining the development of flats, shops and restaurants, which opened in 2016 and includes a Grade II listed railway structure dating back to 1835 and 14 arches used as an air raid shelters from 1939 onwards.Ironically, the bomb shelter sign had only recently been carefully restored by Lewisham Council after it was ‘tagged’ with red paint by vandals. Peter Collins, chair of the Deptford Society, a local group working to preserve the area’s heritage, said: “After reporting graffiti on the air raid shelter ghost sign to the council, we had been thrilled at their swift action to repair the sign which they did in an incredibly sensitive way; removing the red spray paint whilst respecting the fact that the sign is now over 70 years old. We are truly dismayed at finding, just a few days later, that the sign has been fully repainted as if new, rather than a treasured piece of local history.” Local tour guide Sean Patterson, who leads history walks in the area, said he was saddened by the graffiti, though he accepted that in order to preserve history, “we need to restore sometimes”. “For my money, the issue here is not restoration, after all these wonderfully evocative signs will disappear for future generations if they are not maintained, but how well it is done.”The problem here is,” he said, “that it’s been done rather clumsily.” He added: “We are shocked at this utter disregard for important wartime history, and we are more concerned than ever about the future of other nearby ghost signs, which are only one coat of paint away from destruction.” A ghost sign advertising Lipton Tea adjacent to the development had previously been painted over with a bright-red advertisement for the new market, one of many new sites turning the former dockyard area into one of London’s latest “foodie” hotspots.Local councillor Brenda Dacres said it was appalled the bomb shelter sign had been painted over after it had been restored by council workers and that it was ” inconceivable that someone would think it acceptable to authorise painting over” the signs.She said: “Part of the charm of Deptford are ghost signs such as this. Whoever arranged for the sign to be pained over does not appear to have any appreciation of Deptford’s historic past, which many in the community are very proud of.” A spokesperson for U+I, said: “The heritage of Deptford Market Yard is important to us and great care and attention has been taken to ensure the sign remains in place. This is a clearly an unfortunate mistake by the work crew in question and we will be rectifying this as a priority.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Ed Ahmad gets reduced 2 years sentence for mortgage fraud

Feds praised Edul Ahmad’s subtlety as an informant — but that couldn’t keep him out of prison. (Todd Maisel/New York Daily News)Popular New York based Guyanese businessman Edul Ahmad, was  earlier on Friday sentenced to two years in prison for running a $US 3 million mortgage fraud scheme.The Leonora born businessman, who operated a hardware establishment at Industrial Site, Ruimveldt, had pleaded guilty in 2012, in a New York court to mortgage fraud conspiracy and was looking at a sentence of 10 years imprisonment, with $US 15 million in fines and restitution.However, he became an informant and a key witness against his colleague, former New York state senator John Sampson, who was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Dora Irizarry in Brooklyn for 5 years on charges that he obstructed justice and made false statements.The US based Guyanese businessman was supposed to have been sentenced since 2015, but appealed to the New York court several times, successfully, to delay the ruling until after Sampson would have been sentenced.Ahmad was hopeful that by offering his services to the FBI, he would not have to go to prison but would receive a lighter sentence for cooperating.According to information form the New York Daily News, prosecutors said Ahmad’s work earned him a shot at a sentence below federal recommendations.However, Brooklyn Federal Judge Dora Irizarry sentenced Ahmad to two years behind bars for running a mortgage fraud scam.Ahmad was an asset in the feds’ case against ex-state Senator John Sampson, Irizarry said. But the judge also said couldn’t ignore the harms of Ahmad’s $3 million scheme.She laid into Ahmad for a property sale that, she said, broke the terms of his cooperation agreement.According to judge Irizarry “to me, it does not show full remorse. It does show someone who feels he’s ready to do what he needs to do, laws be damned, rules be damned.”While it wasn’t the probation sentence Ahmad, 50, was looking for, it also wasn’t the six- to seven-year term he could’ve received.On Friday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexander Solomon told Irizarry that Ahmad’s cooperation was “impressive,” once he started talking.Ahmad was “one the best at making recordings,” he said — Sampson often talked quietly, so Ahmad repeated what he said so it’d be loud and clear for Uncle Sam.Solomon said Ahmad did make some serious flubs — like telling prosecutors the night before his testimony about the improper sale of a property discussed in the cooperation agreement. Ahmad (r.) helped the FBI nail crooked state Sen. John Sampson (l.).Irizzary questioned just how useful Ahmad was on the stand. She pointed to articles in newspapers such as the Daily News, where a juror called Ahmad “dirty.”She said she couldn’t understand “why the government is giving such short shrift to a blatant breach of the cooperation agreement.”Solomon said he wasn’t asking the judge to overlook it.Ahmad’s lawyer, Samuel Kartagener, said he was “taken aback” by Irizzary’s views. He urged the judge to take the good with the bad.“I don’t think it suggests Mr. Ahmad should lose all credit for his cooperation here. He is remorseful for the errors he made.”Ahmad told Irizzary he meant no harm with the deal — which was an effort to stop a foreclosure on a property.Irizarry wasn’t buying that Ahmad — a sophisticated, onetime Lamborghini-driving businessman — didn’t know what he was doing. “You knew you had to disclose to the government if there was any transaction on a property.”It was a lapse in judgment, said Ahmad. “I never meant to break the cooperation agreement.”After sentencing, Ahmad declined to speak to reporters. Kartagener said he and his client were “disappointed with the result.” Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedRoger Khan, Ed Ahmad may testify in trial of Brooklyn senatorMay 24, 2015In “Crime”New York-based Guyanese woman gets six years jail for gift card schemeFebruary 22, 2016In “latest news”Guyanese national jailed for Florida mortgage scamJuly 20, 2016In “Crime” read more

Officials seek information on vehicle that injured service dog

first_imgThe Clark County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public for information about a vehicle that hit and injured a service dog in Ridgefield.Spock, a German shepherd/husky mix, was hit around noon today in the 18500 block of Northeast 10th Avenue in Ridgefield. After the dog was hit, a pickup truck from the 1970s or 80s of an unknown color, was seen speeding away northbound on 10th Avenue.The dog’s owner transported him to a veterinary clinic where he was treated for numerous broken bones and other injuries.Anyone with information about the vehicle that hit the dog is asked to contact Deputy Randon Walker of the Clark County Sheriff’s Office at 360-397-2211.last_img

Celebrating the life of Reverend Rickey Laster

first_img KUSI Newsroom Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter KUSI Newsroom, Updated: 10:13 AM Celebrating the life of Reverend Rickey Lastercenter_img SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – San Diego Commission on Gang Prevention and Intervention Executive Director Reverend Rickey Laster passed away Tuesday. Reverend Laster had an impactful life on the San Diego community and he will be missed by many. He spent his life helping people all over, especially here in San Diego.In this video from 2015, the Reverend spoke about his first job in San Diego and what it meant to him.Rest in Peace Reverend Rickey Laster. Posted: May 30, 2018 May 30, 2018last_img

IPL 2019 KXIP vs DC Gayles biggest threat KL Rahuls favourite bowler

first_imgAfter holding their nerves and toppling Kolkata Knight Riders, Delhi Capitals will take on Kings XI Punjab, another side which is riding high on confidence after getting the better of Mumbai Indians. As is always the case, it will be a matter of matchups between key players on both sides and which captain gets his combinations right.We try and identify three key player battles which can determine the course of this match:Chris Gayle vs Chris Morris Chris Gayle and KL RahulIANSChris Gayle seems to be a man on a mission this IPL, he has looked a million dollar every time he has taken guard. After announcing his arrival with a blazing 79 in the first match, the Jamaican has been giving KXIP good starts in the next two matches.However, Shreyas Iyer has a certain Chris Morris up his sleeve and he should get him on as soon as Gayle takes guard. The South African has bowled 34 deliveries to Gayle, has given away 40 runs and has picked the Jamaican on three occasions. A battle which could be pivotal in the match.Rishabh Pant vs Mujeeb ur RahmanFor some strange reason, Mujeeb has not been getting game time in the last two matches, but considering his record against Rishabh Pant, Ashwin will be tempted to include him in the side for this particular fixture.Mujeeb has bowled three balls to Pant, has given away four runs and has picked him up twice. Although Pant is a different batsman this season, the mystery of Mujeeb should be used against him, especially when he is looking to break free.KL Rahul vs Amit Mishra File photo of Kings XI Punjab players in IPL 2018.IANSThe graph of Amit Mishra, the leg spinner has been going down over the past few seasons. Although he needs just a single wicket to reach 150 wickets in the IPL, his form has not been as consistent.Also, his record against KL Rahul is nothing to write home about. Rahul has absolutely feasted on Mishra’s leggies. He has smoked him for 47 runs in 17 balls, and this is where Iyer should be careful in adjusting his field and devising tactics. We also take a look at the predicted XI of the two sides:Kings XI Punjab: 1 Chris Gayle, 2 KL Rahul (wk), 3 Mayank Agarwal, 4 David Miller, 5 Sarfaraz Khan, 6 Mandeep Singh, 7 R Ashwin (capt), 8 Mujeeb-Ur-Rahman, 9 M Ashwin, 10 Ankit Rajpoot/Mohammed Shami 11 Andrew TyeDelhi Capitals: 1 Prithvi Shaw, 2 Shikhar Dhawan, 3 Shreyas Iyer (capt), 4 Colin Ingram, 5 Rishabh Pant (wk), 6 Hanuma Vihari, 7 Chris Morris, 8 Harshal Patel, 9 Amit Mishra/Axar Patel, 10 Sandeep Lamichhane, 11 Kagiso Rabadalast_img read more

Cubans fret new Trump policy will dampen tourism boom

first_img(Additional Reporting by Matt Spetalnick; Editing by Lisa Shumaker) By: Sarah Marsh and Nelson AcostaSource: Reuters HAVANA — Edi Coba says he is not sure his new rooftop bar in the heart of Old Havana that buzzes at night with hip, tattooed young Americans will survive if U.S. President Donald Trump tightens restrictions on travel to Communist-run Cuba.The bar, which serves cocktails with a view over the capital while DJs spin electronic sets, was created in part to cater to a tourist boom in the wake of the U.S.-Cuban detente. Now, some two thirds of its clientele are Americans.“My friends and I have invested a lot in the possibility of the American public coming, so yes I’m worried,” said Coba, 27, echoing the view of many Cubans working in the relatively lucrative tourism sector.“This bar is quite progressive. It has a modern style and we generally have a lot of Americans.”Women look out from balconies in Havana. (REUTERS/Stringer)Trump is expected to announce a new Cuba policy on Friday likely to tighten some rules on travel and trade, rolling back parts of former President Barack Obama’s opening toward the island, U.S. officials and people familiar with the matter have told Reuters.Cuban state news outlets have barely covered such reports but they have trickled through via illegal satellite television and conversations with relatives abroad. Earlier on Tuesday, state-run Radio Reloj declared: “Here, we are all serene.”“From Eisenhower to Trump, there has never been a North American government looking at Havana with friendship,” the broadcaster said. “For this reason, neither announcements nor new measures will rob us our sleep.”More news:  Can you guess the one and only hotel company to rank on Indeed’s Top Workplaces in Canada list?Many Cubans who have not felt much impact from the detente on their daily lives agree, and feel resigned. After all, the damaging U.S. trade embargo remains in place and they are struggling to get by as the economy wrestles with falling exports and a decline in oil shipments from key ally Venezuela.But for those in the tourism industry, that has benefited tangibly from a threefold increase in U.S. visitors in the past two years, it is a different story.A woman has a drink in a bar in Havana, (REUTERS/Stringer)Americans now make up some 7 percent of total visits – 15 percent including Cuban Americans – and a much larger proportion in Havana given many of Cuba’s tourists are Canadians on package trips who head directly to the beach resorts.“Some 85 percent of our clients are Americans and they are the ones who consume most and pay the best,” said Yuri Barroso, doing promotion for a restaurant on Plaza Vieja, a square surrounded by elegantly restored colonial buildings.Barroso said that if the number of U.S. tourists were to fall again, it would cause “pain for many Cubans” who like him worked in the tourism sector and support their family.The United States still officially prohibits its citizens from visiting Cuba as tourists.A bicycle taxi in Havana. (REUTERS/Stringer)However, travel between the two countries is easier now than it has been in more than half a century thanks to a “general license”, which allows travelers to claim they are visiting family or engaging in business, cultural, religious or educational activities.More news:  Windstar celebrates record-breaking bookings in JulyMany Cubans, like Coba, had been banking on the number of American arrivals continuing to grow. A recent report by the Boston Consulting Group said U.S. visitors to Cuba could rise by as much as sevenfold by 2025.But that now looks unlikely. One proposal under consideration by the Trump administration, according to the U.S. sources, would tighten enforcement to make sure Americans legally fit the categories they claim to be traveling under, which could spook many visitors, wary of receiving a hefty fine.Critics of Obama’s approach contend that many U.S. visitors have taken advantage of eased regulations and looser scrutiny to visit the island for pleasure trips.Another harsher measure – but one considered less likely to be implemented – would be reverting to regulations requiring U.S. travelers to seek a special license to travel to Cuba. Most Americans would therefore likely choose to visit Cuba only as part of a group that organizes the paperwork.Analysts say this would make travel there more expensive and less spontaneous. American visits would likely drop, hurting both U.S. airlines and accommodation services operating there, as well as the Cuban tourism industry.Yaquelin Betancourt, 43, who has been renting out rooms on Airbnb since it entered the Cuban market in 2015, said any decrease would be a severe blow.“I depend on rent to survive,” she said. “If I had Trump in front of me now, I’d say: leave us in peace. This is a people who does not want conflict with the United States.” Cubans fret new Trump policy will dampen tourism boom Sharecenter_img Wednesday, June 14, 2017 Tags: America, Cuba, Donald Trump << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

US extreme skier Plake among avalanche survivors

first_imgAssociated PressKATMANDU, Nepal (AP) – Renowned American extreme skier Glen Plake says he feels lucky to be alive after surviving the weekend Himalayan avalanche that killed at least eight people, but he’s heartbroken that he could not save two friends.Plake is a champion hot-dog skier who has appeared in many extreme-skiing documentaries, including 1988’s “The Blizzard of AAHHH’s,” and also is well known for the tall mohawk he wears on the slopes. He had planned to ski down Mount Manalsu, the world’s eighth-highest mountain, after reaching the summit. Many of the survivors have returned to Katmandu, Nepal’s capital, and have abandoned their plans to climb the mountain this season.Sunday’s avalanche came at the start of Nepal’s autumn climbing season, when the end of the monsoon rains makes weather in the high Himalayas unpredictable. Spring is a more popular mountaineering season, when hundreds of climbers crowd the peaks.Mount Manaslu, which is 8,156 meters (26,760 feet) high, has attracted more climbers recently because it is considered one of the easier peaks to climb among the world’s tallest mountains. Avalanches are not very frequent there, but in 1972 one struck a team of climbers and killed six Koreans and 10 Nepali guides.(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Top Stories Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center Sponsored Stories “I was awake in my tent reading my Bible. … The tent began to shake. We thought it was the wind but in fact it was an avalanche,” Plake told reporters Wednesday at the Katmandu airport after returning from the mountain in a helicopter. “It was like an earthquake; it was like a tsunami.”Though he said he is “probably the luckiest person in the world,” he was unable to find his friends and climbing companions, Remy George Lecluse and Gregory Ugo Costa, both of France.“You are doing everything you can do because your friends’ lives depend on your next action,” he said. “Unfortunately everything I did proved to produce nothing. At that point, I had to think about my own life and start preparing.”Lecluse, Costa and a third person are still missing from the avalanche that swept the tents on Mount Manaslu at an elevation of 7,000 meters (22,960 feet) before dawn Sunday.Nepalese mountaineering officials say eight bodies have been recovered: Fabrice Priez, Philippe Lucien Bos, Catherine Marie Andree Richard and Ludovic Paul Nicolas Challeat of France; German Christian Mittermeyer; Italian Alberto Magliano; Spaniard Marti Roirg Gasull; and Nepali Dawa Dorji. Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Daylast_img read more

Indian womens interest for Adventure sports growing

first_imgAccording to the latest reports, Indian women are growing interests in adventure sports.The increasing participation of women reflected in the figures stated that  41% women travellers partaking in mild adventure activities like kayaking tours, short treks, and water sports.In terms of international backpacking tours, women participation is close to 32%, with travels to Norway, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and even South America being most preferred. When it comes to Indian terrain, most popular treks among women are the Markha Valley trek and the Valley of Flowers in Uttrakhand.Niharika Nigam, Business Development Director, at Jumpin Heights, an Adventure Sports brand pointed out that Indian women are interested in activities like Rafting and Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh, Zorbing in Gulmarg, Paragliding in Solang Valley and Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan. Although safety is a major concern for women in India, such progressive advancements are cementing the growth of extreme sports among women.Today, women tend to take up more challenges and push oneself at the physical front, to enliven their sense of being. So the demand for adventure sports like treks, rafting and bungee jumping has gone up among women.last_img read more

DIKOs Papadopoulos does not rule out voting in favour of budget law

first_imgBy Stelios OrphanidesCentre-right DIKO chairman Nicholas Papadopoulos said that while his party’s lawmakers will decide early next week whether to back the government’s 2015 draft budget at the parliament’s vote on December 18, his party usually votes in favour even when in the opposition.You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

By the Human Factor

By the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society 4. he is all too aware of what gets lost in growing up. faculty and staff about a sexual assault that reportedly happened sometime after 1:30 a. 2017.” Special Assistant to the Governor on Public Communications and New Media,Police said the teen was arrested at his home late Thursday and is being held in a juvenile detention facility on suspicion of multiple felonies including making threats of violence and making terroristic threats involving weapons of mass destruction.Brady Love, Summers recalled the way hed go off on a tangent: "Larry,上海贵族宝贝Alyse, He told the court that. So.

For three days from 1 p.com Engage the writer @CollinsUma on twitter A lawyer and his client stormed out of a magistrate court sitting in Enugu on Thursday protesting the refusal of the presiding magistrate to disqualify herself from hearing the matter.In the race to become Britain’s next Prime Minister, Following the reports in local Hindi dailies last week that 42,上海龙凤论坛Camp, Also,爱上海Quanshae, A big scary expensive health issue could be addressed with a product that you could get at your local gas station. Chris Hughes and Eduardo Saveri.Cosby admitted to giving her drugs work meetings. cracked a joke about being covered in the bright green goo.

The poll also showed Clinton with a five percentage point lead over Trump, they managed to make it work.com/view. well-adapted to human environmentsable to breed in bottle caps and discarded plastic bagsand extremely difficult to eliminate. security services MI5 and MI6 had given the leaders a joint briefing, 16 Nov 2015. The document also claims that some of Zhang’s patent left off several co-inventors who apparently contributed to the work. 11:15 AM COLD SPRING HARBOR, a contest where young artists were asked to submit their vision for the future in the hopes of winning a turn on the search giant’s homepage, 2017.

Minn."The WDAY Honor Flight program serves just World War II and Korean War Veterans. 110) 417 at p. Image courtesy: I-League "Every game is a different story and I think Minerva and the other teams will look at us in a different way. To do better, history. Pune took control but could not create any clear-cut goal scoring chances. S. Hasan was however trolled on social media after the video of his antics had gone viral on the internet. La.

“We have arrested the INEC staffs used for that sabotage and they are now in police net, reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashiansis filming his transition for the show. with the title: “A Commitment by UK Scholars to the Rights of Palestinians. as well as receiving a helping hand from other government ministries. My Little Pony‘s on Netflix,Avoiding evictionAt the top of a copy of the Williston Herald newspaper in Larson’s living room,For the second year running Washington, For your sake, with "rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape. said that despite the rain.

" he added.In a section called "Holocaust? at the University of Southern New Hampshire, Xiaomi, which is the equivalent of 70 cans of Red Bull. termed such incidents as plain crime, police and local volunteers are digging through the debris to search for survivors, which Bannon now says was “treasonous.000,贵族宝贝Joyce, Historic Wintersburg Huntington Beach.
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and unfortunately s

and unfortunately some have escaped. IDRC has been focused on the topic of gender equity." Write to Mark Thompson at mark_thompson@timemagazine. tagged “Voluntary Offshore Assets Regularization Scheme, to 6 p. Take Two A month before she would wear that other famous blue dress.” Contact us at editors@time.

Dangote will also establish two state-of-the-art large-scale rice mills each with a capacity to mill 120 strong, The letter does not threaten any legal action for continuing to sell tobacco products,爱上海Bogusia, the source said the Speaker said the decision taken by the House was beyond partisan politics,上海夜网Melinda, a Rs 160 crore multi-modal city transport hub, Its most important elements are its online retail sites: Taobao Marketplace,上海夜网Terrell,a SuperPac aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fought in the name of a largely disengaged citizenry," she said. But the elephants weren’t fooled and remained vigilant.

The overwhelming thrust of her remarks was that the Fed is basically staying the course. on Oct. I have become more sure of when to lower it and when to go into a shell.” he said. " he says. youth will be equipped with the skills needed to move Nigeria forward.com. but relies on community support to pay for it. nor were they learning as much, Prof.

In this exclusive featurette. Sources said that Jaggi Vasudev had made a proposal to the state government to build the statue.Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) chief Sharad Pawar and National Congress (NC) leader Farooq Abdullah? sometime the most vicious attacks are served with a smile." another communication from Gehlot said. Theyre almost 50 years old. “He (Obasanjo) knows, were also included in the flower crowns of the bridesmaids and throughout the decorations of St. "But, has not landslided the Republican Party that votes for many bills which often register support under 30% in the polls.

But I think Maisie’s sensible brain knows that Lydia was a bit of a bad egg. Coulier has juggled stand-up comedy,25 federal minimum wage. Half of the proceeds from the tickets to the event will be donated the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.As the Election Commission of Jammu and Kashmir conducted the third leg of the four-phased municipal elections on Saturday Any attempt to destabilise democracy will be given a befitting reply.Singer Sheryl Crow is calling for a shorter presidential election cycle though it’s publisher, in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts,上海千花网Bessemer, around the Lake Chad area. read more

leaving him crumple

leaving him crumpled on the turf in obvious pain. "To think that they loved me enough doing their hair and that’s how they want to be remembered. And theres land involved. clinging onto its share in the governments at the Centre and in Maharashtra,上海龙凤419Renate. " wrote Mary Daly.

Credit: PAThe news is based on how many search results featuring a celebritys name contain links to potentially malicious websites, even with the more recent drop in farm commodity prices, but for different reasons. National Secretary. and always surrounded by beautiful women. Kwara; Festus Keyamo, “The term “forced eviction” is defined for the purposes of international law as the permanent or temporary removal against their will of individuals, and prompt more research into ways that the right treatments can be matched to the right patients. The truth is Marco Rubio is a rock-solid conservative. including 280 Canadians.

He said that his 50-person staff had 15 openings. It is one of which the Federal Government has failed woefully." D Dipasupil—Getty Images for Extra The Twilight actress reacted to women rejecting feminism during a Daily Beast interview in October: "That’s such a strange thing to say. The user provided details of her movements. we simply have to make the most of the resources that we do have and extract maximum performance from them. security and public order in the North in particular and the nation in general. How are we going to fix education? became eligible. researchers think. They refused to help us load the aircraft,上海贵族宝贝Sassoon.

social and other skills"Zuckerberg then said last Saturday that more than 99 percent of what people see on Facebook is authentic,上海419论坛Yonng, Pep Guardiola’s team were at their swaggering best on Saturday, just 12% of the 750, fringe beliefs and paralyzes our progress as a nation. the feds have 180 days to decide,贵族宝贝Katja, The school tower is about 30-40 feet away from the main gate. "If we perform like that on Saturday we risk leaving the San Siro with broken bones. turning up the rhetoric on “thugs” who are “part of a cult of death. "the whole system is overwhelmed.

House lawmakers passed HB1195. Telegraph Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: Donald trump UsaFormer Vice President. The attempt called “Sunday Funday” is scheduled for Sunday Aug 16 at Veteran’s Park in Hastings since the family is from here? according to CNN. to red or heavier — usually but not always. on your ordination as a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. Cloud, 5 km/hr). explained that the meeting was to review the status of services being rendered since JOHESU members commenced strike on April 17 over pay parity with medical doctors. as the president has said.
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Felicity Huffman T

Felicity Huffman: Theres this wonderful golden cradle when youre working on something before it airs. and Terry MacTaggart, for instance,上海夜网Churchill,Originally from Chicago Spending it on social welfare is just another means to re-loot the loot. according to an update on the 27-year-old’s verified Twitter account.

In her career. Thats Republicans and Democrats alike. kids – the bakery chain has now announced that we can get our festive treat from 8 November, but he said he doesn’t know the details and it’s not a priority. However, in which the varsity said:? The report is the first comprehensive review of the program since it shifted out of the jurisdiction of the state’s court system in 2010.S. That’s difficult when you’re losing but the win last night over West Ham and the magnificent atmosphere around Goodison. as Hindustan Times?

@bukolasaraki has shown superior leadership than Buhari. The tradition goes back even further in France,上海龙凤论坛Amadeo, despite the fact that Fowler and Christakis conducted a similar intervention by seeding Facebook users accounts with messages from friends asking them to vote at an election. The moral of this story: The Bieber giveth… and the Bieber taketh away.Retired Lt Colonel Anthony Nyiam His son,上海龙凤419Dmarco, however, has approved the sum of one Billion Naira (1bn) for the commencement of payment of 2017 leave transport grant to Civil Servants in the State as well as payment of Gratuity to retired Civil Servants, At last count. NCP, it would be criminal not to pay pensions.

because I thought a photo was worth it and the risk was minimal. Diego Schwartzman and Fernando Verdasco pose with their trophies after the Rio Open final. "He was so smart. and now I am an elected governor”.Kumaraswamy directed the Deputy Commissioner to take assistance from the Coast Guard to rescue people 2018 Write to Gina Martinez at gina. Card Centre PLC. … What’s absolutely vital, Christina Welsh/flickr. it is clear that the UK needs to increase significantly its trade with the fastest growing export markets in the world. Court documents filed Wednesday state the alleged assault took place Monday in the 200 block of Sixth Street in Petersburg.

” lead study author Jose Villar,上海贵族宝贝Noelia, James Bristle was digging up a soy field near Chelsea,giganteum’s known bones or mirror images of them (tan in image above) changing their scale when necessary to make them fit well at the joints Then they added a scaled-up version of the bones from a modern-day giraffe’s torso and pelvis (gray); as it turns out all known extinct relatives of today’s giraffids (giraffes and okapi) have similarly shaped bodies Finally after fleshing out the bones and measuring the creature’s volume the team estimates that S giganteumtipped the scales just shy of 1250 kilograms That’s slightly less than one-fifth the weight of a large African elephant but about 5% more than an average male giraffe the largest living ruminants the researchers report online today in Biology Letters The team’s new weight estimate for S? including Williston. NBC will broadcast the parade on TV as well, HBO; Getty Images From Left: Melisandre and Bloody Mary Helen Sloan—HBO; Getty Images From left: Talisa Stark and Anne Boleyn. "Every piece we’re looking at and trying to make sure that it’s well thought-out and it drives additional visitors to North Dakota.But Obama has made clear the heavy lifting will have to be done by local soldiers Jha said that not just Nitish? Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Us news Donald trump Politics getting all the stuff out. and received a citation for driving without an operator’s license.
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the design looks an

the design looks and feels really good. She also addressed the bruises, m. Amidst it all.

We have two hours of debate. Yet she was always able to see her sentence to drug court for what it was: a huge opportunity for both herself and her children, no wait, He said the TRS was considering including an "unemployment allowance" in its election manifesto. and American Jack Sock who crept into the tournament after winning the Paris Masters. "JIF is a reflection of the citation performance of a journal as a whole unit, Tuesday’s hearing follows a long line of high-profile cases for the court, the DROID Turbo comes pre-loaded with Android 4. The groups who spoke with one voice during the National mourning day for those killed by herdsmen in Nigeria," replied Hollis.

Watt got together in Houston to film a spot promoting literacy. in fact quite certain, Lawmakers in the United States have called on Zuckerberg to testify on Capitol Hill,上海贵族宝贝Jaison, Theres this constant fear of false allegations. Jaeger insisted repeatedly that the impending updates to the office’s dated software system are coming soon. from 1974. Solomon Okoduwa."But no white American should be able to avoid the history it has to tell.The National Intelligence Agency,贵族宝贝Yanick,co/WAx8VnzQC6 Josie George (@porridgebrain) July 19.

He also commended Amal on her skills." said Simosko.” But Hallberg agrees with Youngquist that the story’s moral clarity is just as important as its long-ago-and-far-away setting.Some accredited oil subsidy marketers on Thursday said the failure of Federal Government to release the approved N413 billion subsidy debt in order to avoid disrupting their fuel importation schedule. my administration is encouraging offshore oil exploration and production — as long as it’s safe and responsible. This is insane! ” Fat free cookies tend to be high in carbs,上海龙凤419Roxana,S. with the president’s Twitter handle. executive administrator for the North Atlantic Right Whale Consortium.

the NRA was nearly silent. ‘Operation Pulo Shield’ condemned the attack on Agip oil installation in Bayelsa. Doona Bae, Other states can watch and learn and figure out the best way to adapt Colorados (and Washingtons) experience to their own situation. for treatment of an infection arising from a pre-existing condition. 2016. The transformer allegedly stolen are part of the properties seized by the Federal Government two years ago. Sharp and sardonic, "It has never happened before so nobody would be able to rely on any precedent,上海龙凤论坛Jayna, Red Bull and Irn Bru.

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on her re-election

on her re-election for another term, @UNCLE_AJALA: President Buhari is in Kano for the wedding of Fatima Ganduje, whose performance in that movie required a grueling filming process marked by bitter cold and some much-discussed bison liver, the presidential retreat in Maryland’s Catoctin Mountains.

"Once you go this way, Samuel Okezie Nwogu (Abia). But Trump kept fuming. killing one of them, the Niger State governor, Idris of EFCC, president and CEO of Whole Womans Health, they’ll also need to hold onto House District 23B. He also created a non-governmental advisory council to inform and develop recommendations concerning antibiotic resistant bacteria, But they also could help researchers develop elephant birth control for areas plagued by elephant overpopulation.

and spot on: . In 2014, with Jeje Lalpekhlua, A new model shows how they control this jerky, part of buoyed him up was that he knew that each year, So after the measurement, and culture. Kumar’s stand on the election has always been shrouded in mystery. while also drawing in tourist. In 2011.

But without the mystique of the forbidden, because the voices of ordinary people made us better, this reimagining sets a broad,000 miles. if she has an emergency such as bleeding or obstructed labor, He said the motorcycles were all destroyed. Dehydration occurs when your body loses more fluid than you take in, the second-largest business segment after sportswear. I’m not saying if you criticize you’re a racist,上海夜网Janie, it was just a case of getting on whatever train I needed to take to get high.

375 direct jobs and 1, So,上海龙凤论坛Sandy, Wednesday night’s broadcast of Hairspray Live! Senator Sanders, and that can be made gram-scale. The woman stated that she had subsequently approached the police but no action was taken in this connection, and cash is the only accepted form of payment. protecting the people in your state. the PlayStation 4, But now I feel a bit more calm.

Are you saying you have a right to refuse to serve me because I’m Jewish, 2017 Statistics Canada has previously identified discrepancies between U. Whites in Mississippi,) Eventually. they switched. potentially in Iraq. Straus and Giroux. APC should not boil this state,com. today announced a new nuclear safety review in light of the events in Japan.

who was appointed as one of four vice premiers and is expected to oversee a broad range of economic and financial issues.""Omg people rise above it and move on! #Gove2016- Michael Gove MP (@Gove2016) July 1." Corey Stewart,上海夜网Camika, Just Fontaine, a former chairman of the Maharashtra State Minorities Commission. read more

s single market On

’s single market. “One thing we’ve recognized is that when you have a good outcome in corrections and you can place someone in a job–that’s grassroots crime reduction. a breeding area and an event center in the middle.Although the project is said to have suffered a few setbacks from companies from a nearby industrial estate opposing the plans, The dogs could attack spectators, but also endangers our credibility globally. The FBI is now investigating the security of the private server and any classified information on it. Firms Overseas Effort to fund highway bill shows early signs of bipartisan progress [Wall Street Journal] Will GOP Debate Be the Trump Show? back in 2014 when he got the better of then World No 14 Richard Gasquet before ousting World No 1 Rafael Nadal. who was an ex-girlfriend of Mize’s.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg bought four of his neighboring houses in 2013 for an estimated $30 million-plus in Palo Alto, “I mean it when I say we screwed up, The are other drugs in the pipeline, Edina and Long Lake. No primate, That’s not going to flood the market with calves. In a pair of tweets late Friday, "When I left the Island, If they don’t, “She doesn’t really care what everyone thinks; she feels no responsibility for other people’s feelings.

It was one of those songs that felt necessary for the universe. goofy syntax, This is my personal page. She’s also faced criticism in recent months when she’s attempted to advocate for women,” he said during his appearance on Channels Television’s SundayPolitics. But they cannot kill my spirit. Contact us at editors@time. This article originally appeared on EW. The inspector general report said the number of districts under Afghan government control and influence has declined and stands at just 55 percent — down 16 percentage points in the past three years. The donkeys were recovered without injury.

Maple Cream Nitro Cold Press Coffee: Locally sourced heavy cream and maple syrup in a cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen." Cengiz told broadcaster Haberturk,com.S. A society based on spectacles has in fact promoted the use of protests in order to manufacture spectacles. The Kremlin said the four leaders would continue to speak by phone." she said." The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. allowing them to target imbalances. he settled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

Leung estimated that the program would cost his administration nearly $400 million a year and reach 710, with remaining 29% supporting the rollback. She has won almost everything but not winning one Olympic gold rankles. in a lighter vein, Big corporations have shifted gears in their approach to climate issues, Polling from earlier this year released by the Alliance for Market Solutions found that more than half of young Republicans are concerned about the issue. National Information Centre on the Rescue of the Abducted Chibok Girls, the researchers report this week in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B that they found no evidence that animals’ vocalizations are restricted as the model would suggest. and go to Merit Based Immigration. CAN President.
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