The Matamata Turtle or the Monkfish Fish: why are they the ugliest animals in the world?

first_imgThese animals have an appearance at all pleasant to look atThe Matamata Turtle, for example, has warts all over the skin One of the most unpleasant animals in sight is the Matamata Turtle. While other animals of this species may be curious, with this turtle you will spend a few seconds trying to understand their physique. Originally from South America, its most iconic part is its head. Large, flattened and triangular in shape. Can you ask for more? To all this we must add other pleasant elements such as several bumps on the skin, in addition to warts. He has absolutely everything to not seem as ‘nice’ as his relatives.Another of those animals that undoubtedly falls into the category of ugliest in the world is the Monkfish Fish, called in turn, monkfish. An authentic ‘aberration’ that has a more prominent section its immense mouth, full of teeth. But it is not the only characteristic, because it also adds a tonality in the body halfway between dark brown and green. We do not want to say goodbye without making a special mention for Alquimi, also known as by the scientific community by Solenodon. Although it was believed extinct, in 2003 several of these animals could be found on an island. Some consider him a living fossil, as his ancestors date back to a whopping 30 million years. Of course, its appearance goes directly to thicken the list of ugliest animals in the world. Ears and very small eyes, in addition to a disproportionately large ocher. As if that were not enough, his saliva is poisonous. Kittens, puppies or any other similar animal may seem adorable. But who remembers the ugliest animals? They also exist and although they are not as well known, they are spread throughout the world. While it is easy to identify a creature of an almost unique beauty, what defines the ugliest?center_img Image: iStocklast_img

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