Silvija Zoković: Nordic walking is an ideal combination of active vacation and tourist offer

first_img Guided by this, we decided to talk to Silvija Zoković about the importance of active tourism for the Croatian offer, but also about the event held on Pag and plans for similar projects in the future. As for future plans, Sylvia is full of ideas and possible projects that combine Nordic walking and tourism. “We were contacted by the staff of the Brijuni National Park to design a similar event there. Also, in Karlovac County, I would like to organize a walking event that would be held in a different place at any time of the year. There is also the idea of ​​a ‘green heart’, ie that the City of Zagreb, Zagreb County, Krapina-Zagorje County and Sisak-Moslavina County be connected by a single heart-shaped route. For example, one ‘arm of the heart’ would go from the Zagreb Cathedral, through Sljeme, through Zaprešić, to Sisak-Moslavina County, and the other ‘arm’ would return through Marija Bistrica and back to the Cathedral in Zagreb.”, She concluded. The event lasted for three days during which walkers crossed four trails and had an unforgettable experience of walking on the moon island and tasting the famous Pag delicacies. The goal of this sports and recreational event is to promote an active lifestyle and introduce participants to the natural and cultural beauties of the town and the island of Pag as well as the gastronomic offer. “There is a large audience for this form of tourism. Now you just need to work very hard to have a quality final product – from trails, signage, maps, events… Because to offer something it has to be from head to toe in five! My dream and wish is for the whole of Croatia to be networked with Nordic walking trails and for all this to be beautifully presented.”. Photo:; Silvija Zokovic Trail of Slunj giants, Močan’s bridge on Slunjčica, Slunj When asked how she came up with the idea to connect Nordic walking with tourist facilities such as sightseeing and tasting local delicacies, Zokovic explained that she has been doing Nordic walking for fifteen years, and this activity can be seen in many destinations. “I think the best way to get to know our beautiful country is through walking, and especially through Nordic walking which in some way enhances the effects of ordinary walking and on the other hand makes it easier to move because we walk on ‘four legs’”, Explained Zokovic. Silvija Zoković, The event “Nordic Walking on the Moon Island” is planned to be repeated in the spring of next year. “This ‘zero’ year was actually a test year and the participants were thrilled so most said they were ready to come again. For a start, we aimed at our market, or our people who want to get to know Pag and enjoy nature”, Says Silvija and notes that their goal at some point, and maybe even in the spring, is to turn to foreign tourists. Silvija, with the cooperation and patronage of the Tourist Board of the city of Pag, traced as many as 150 kilometers of trails for Nordic walkers. “Considering that my father is from Pag, so I know the area very well, I suggested to the director of the tourist board Vesna Karavanić to design new trails. From this, in fact, came the idea of ​​the event, which, in three days, gathered about 60 people and introduced them to various parts of the island.”, She said and added that everything can be seen on Pag. “Among other things, climb to the highest peak of Pag, reach the sub-Velebit channel, visit the ornithological reserves Veliko and Malo blato, walk through fields, hills, pastures along dry stone walls…”, Explains Sylvia. Active tourism is one of the most sought-after forms of tourism in the world, including in our country. And given that Croatia has so much to offer so beautiful and diverse nature, as well as numerous cultural and historical sights, promoters like Silvia and projects like “Nordic Walking on the Moon Island” must be given full support and welcomed with open arms. In September, the event “Nordic Walking on the Moon Island” was held on Pag, organized by the Tourist Board of the City of Pag and Nordic Nordic walking, as one of the growing trends in active lifestyle and tourism, offers added value to hiking as well as walking for health. Silvija absolutely agrees that our tourist offer needs more active tourism content. “It is important to offer both domestic and foreign tourists such content, which in an active way have the opportunity to get to know the destination. There are a large number of people, especially in Europe, who through an active vacation want to enjoy nature, but also to get to know and experience all our cultural and historical sights.She said. Mentor trail, Dinjiška, island of Pag The event was attended by about 60 participants from the islands of Pag, Rijeka and Zagreb, Varaždin, Kutina, Đakovo, who under the leadership of Silvija Zoković from and Alan Crljenko, a passionate mountaineer and alpinist, enjoyed an active weekend.last_img

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