The seven largest wine producers in Moslavina presented a joint wine – Škrlet

first_imgPhoto: Marko Colic / Association PO “Skrlet” Out of a total of 227 ha of vineyards in the Sisak-Moslavina County, 76 ha are under the Škrlet variety, of which 68 ha are located in Moslavina. Marko Miklaužić, Moslavina winemaker and president of the newly established Bregovita Hrvatska Association of Winemakers, pointed out that the most important thing in the organization of Bregovita Hrvatska is a common approach to marketing, marketing and co-financing of wine by the state. “Each of the counties has one representative, and he should act through local chambers of commerce and industry to local associations, which then transmit information to their members. Eg. the organization of events will no longer go through the associations that are the organizers, but will be financed through the budget of the Association of Winemakers Bregovita Croatia. This will reduce the number of organizing committees and commissions, and will bring order to the system of organization, production and placement, and prevent the so-called. gray market. Members need to understand that without organizing into such associations there is no future”Said Miklauzic. PREMIERE TASTING OF YOUNG SCARLETS AT ADVENT IN ZAGREB  Visitors will have the opportunity to taste 8 young škrlets and of course the above-mentioned common wine Škrlet, a blend obtained from selected grapes from the best positions produced in a limited edition of 5000 bottles. As the president of PO “Škrlet” points out Tomislav Trdenić, they teach customers a certain standard, because the presented Škrlet is the same in each bottle and under the same label and logo (yellow ram) ” The logo, ie the yellow ram, is a synonym for škrlet, and the logo is a cluster of škrlet, ie one large cluster in the middle and two small ones, one on each side. Škrlet with a new outfit designed by Marin Šubašić, under a common brand, and we will place it on the market in a limited edition of 5000 bottles. We were the first to establish a wine production organization in Croatia in this way and we hope to be successful because otherwise we will not be competitive on the market in the future. We have a great trump card for success, and that is the autochthonous grape and wine variety “Škrlet” Trdenić pointed out and added that they have been working on branding the variety of the same name for 20 years, but also on recognizing it in the wider area of ​​Lijepa naša. That škrlet, one of over 120 autochthonous Croatian wine varieties, unstoppably finds its deserved position on the wine list of Croatia and the world, proves as many as five medals this year from the world’s most prestigious wine evaluation Decanter, as well as numerous other awards.  The seven largest wine producers in Moslavina: Ilovčak, Jaram, Florijanović, Miklaužić, Mikša, Trdenić and Voštinić-Klasnić, gathered in the Association of Production Organizations “Škrlet”, premiered a unique project in Croatia – common wine Škrlet. This is the first such wine project in Croatia, which is proof of the unity of Moslavina winemakers and is a projection of the future of Croatian viticulture and winemaking.  Namely, the joint wine from the autochthonous grape variety of the same name, a blend obtained from selected grapes from the best positions they produce, was presented under a joint label in a limited edition of 5000 bottles. The best Moslavina škrlet producers gathered in the Škrlet Moslavina Association will premiere their škrlet harvest, ie the young škrlet in 2019, and the promotion will take place on December 06.12.2019, 16. in Zagreb (Forum Gallery, Teslina 17.00) starting at XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. last_img

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