Douglas signs final bills of the 2009-2010 biennium, last as governor

first_imgGovernor Jim Douglas today signed the last three bills into law, marking the culmination of the 2009-2010 legislative biennium.  As this is Governor Douglas’ last session as governor, today’s final bill signing of H. 781, An Act Relating to Renewable Energy, represents the last bill that will become law under his signature.“It is a tremendous responsibility knowing that, as Governor, my signature has the power to turn an idea into the law of the State of Vermont,” said Governor Douglas.  “In the past eight years, I’ve signed over 750 Acts and Charter Changes – and vetoed a few others.  That the renewable energy bill is the final bill is fitting.  It not only reaffirms Vermont’s deeply held environmental ethic, it builds on the close friendship we share with our neighbors in Quebec – a friendship that Quebec Premier Jean Charest and I have worked hard to cultivate over the past eight years.”In March, Governor Douglas traveled to Quebec City to help seal a long term power agreement with Hydro Quebec and Vermont utilities.  H. 781, An Act Relating to Renewable Energy, includes a provision that will recognize power from Hydro Quebec as renewable, making Vermont to first state to make such an acknowledgement in law and potentially providing additional benefits to Vermonters from the long term agreement.“When I first came into office in 2003, it was a priority for me and my Administration to rebuild a strong relationship with our friends in Quebec,” the Governor said.  “The depth and strength of the Vermont/Quebec relationship today is among my proudest achievements.”Earlier today, Governor Douglas was joined by business leaders and legislators as he signed into law H.783, An Act Relating to Miscellaneous Tax Provisions, and H.790 An Act Relating to Capital Construction and State Bonding.  The Governor hailed both bills as critical to the state’s economic recovery.“At a time when other states are raising taxes, Vermont sent a message that we are ready to aggressively compete for jobs in the post-recession economy by rolling back taxes,” the Governor noted.  “The partial sunset of the capital gains tax increases from last year and reinstating a higher estate tax exclusion through the Miscellaneous Tax Bill are important provisions that will encourage investment and job creation in Vermont.  Further, the Capital Bill’s investments in our state facilities will not only provide needed resources to improve state services, they will create jobs for Vermonters in our building trades by putting them to work on many critical projects.”  Source: Governor’s office. 6.4.2010###last_img

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