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which was seen as a clear snub to Vishwas. As AAP turns five this month,D. professor of psychology and member of the Institute for Policy Research at Northwestern University “Being competitive agentic aggressive self-promoting: when women do that in a definite clear way people get all uncomfortable When men do it people are okay with it” “Do women agonize about the burdens of competing with other women when collaboration is historically our survival mechanism I think yes though not everyone is self-aware enough to call it that way” says Gloria Feldt who founded Take The Lead with the goal of helping women reach an equal share of leadership positions by 2025 “Women want to be liked to be seen as nice which our mothers told us to be and is what we were rewarded for as girls” Case study in self-promotion: Katie Couric When shehaving singlehandedly rescued the Today show in 1991 and become TV’s biggest morning starsigned a record-breaking three-year contract in December 2001 she proudly let the details be known It was not just an achievement for her but she felt an inspiration for other women in TV Yet the revelation of that contract meant “it was over for her” veteran executive producer Paul Friedman (who worked for Jennings Sawyer and Couric) told me in pointedly sexist language “When people knew that she was going to make as much as $65 million she was no longer the girl next door but a rich recently bereaved skirt-up-to-her-crotch hair-changing woman It can offend you all you want for me to put it that way but it is a fact" Also dinged for being “self-promoting” was Christiane Amanpour: In 2007 when she returned to CNN New York after 15 years abroad as the most hardworking courageous conflict-zone reporter in TV history she was taken aback that that resume did not earn her the premiere anchor position at the network she’d been with (and helped to put on the map) for 20 years When in frustration she’d remind CNN executives “You know I’m the most well-known foreign correspondent in the world” those factual words struck her bosses as arrogant and conceited But if an identically credentialed man similarly peeved at being undervalued had uttered them they would have elicited executives’ worry So when you take this prejudice against forceful non-self-effacing women and multiply it by two adding conflict or rivalry with another woman you have situations destined to go viral Still in five years of researching highly determined women in TV news I learned how female-on-female competition does not have to be (and actually rarely is) a negative cliché First of all women can refuse to subscribe to the notion When longtime Today co-host Jane Pauley was losing her job to newcomer Deborah Norville in 1989 their supposed “catfight” was splashed over all the tabloids (“Its not like there wasn’t any other news to cover; the Soviet Union was coming apart” Pauley wryly reminded me) The two women knew that the construction was false “Debbie did not push herself in” Pauley told me resolutely “Debbie was pushed in It wasn’t Debbie’s fault” Pauley and Norville rejected the catfight construct and stayed collegial throughout NBC’s disastrous replacement scenario It helps to use humor and collaboration Legendary CBS producer Susan Zirinsky first worked with Sawyer when Sawyer fresh from eight years with Nixon had to prove herself against a highly skeptical DC press corps Zirinsky and Sawyer pulled all-nighters over the bizarre People’s Temple mass suicides and other stories Later when Zirinsky was trying to get a very reluctant (and often drunk) Boris Yeltsin to agree to an exclusive interview with CBS she used Diane’s attractiveness to seal the deal”This is who is going to be interviewing you” Zirinsky said slapping Sawyer’s photo in the rising Soviet leader’s reddened face whereupon his eyes widened and he quickly consented It was a coup for Zirinsky and Sawyera one-two punch of self-serving sexism for two womens mutual professional advantage Some years after that Sawyer by then at ABC called Zirinsky still at CBS and cheekily asked for Yeltsin’s private phone number for a piece she wanted to do Zirinsky shot back “F*ck no” Both women laughed When the person who is trying to keep a woman from succeeding happens to be another woman the situation doesn’t have to ring a gendered alarm When Christiane Amanpour came to CNN Atlanta in 1983 she was obstructed by her first boss a female producer who clearly did not like her Amanpour has spoken of this woman; several others told me about the tension The two women argued and people heard them Yetmaybe because Amanpour could be as a friend of hers says so un-self-consciously “in your face” when she disagreed with someone (and almost giddily amused when that brazen tactic worked)no one called it a catfight Amanpour later decided to fully commit to war reporting after her time in Bosnia when her mentor the war-zone camerawoman Margaret Moth was gravely injured and Christiane felt morally compelled to “do Margaret’s work for her” An unpleasant experience with the early female boss did not keep Amanpour from respect- and trust-filled collaborations with other women So in real work life among the most professionally aggressive women catfights do not fit their silly played-out description In the meantime we might consider joining instead of clawing Sheila Weller is a contributor to Vanity Fair The New York Times Book Review and Glamour and the author of the New York Times bestseller Girls Like Us Her book The News Sorority: Diane Sawyer Katie Couric Christiane Amanpourand the (Ongoing Imperfect Complicated) Triumph of Women in TV News is out this month Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsThe free messaging service WhatsApp was ordered to be suspended for 48 hours by a Brazilian state judge after the company refused to share data in cooperation with a criminal investigation but the suspension was lifted on Thursday morning WhatsApp which is owned by Facebook is used by half of Brazil’s population due to its affordabilitya fact that has troubled traditional telecom companies the Wall Street Journal reports The details of the criminal case were not revealed as it is under seal and the legality of the block is being debated "This is a sad day for Brazil” said Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on his page “Until today Brazil has been an ally in creating an open Internet … I am stunned that our efforts to protect people’s data would result in such an extreme decision by a single judge to punish every person in Brazil who uses WhatsApp” [WSJ] Contact us at [email protected] youve got a dog that wont stop barking in the middle of the night to the tune of the French national anthem or a cat that wont stop going to the toilet in your plants but will only go whenever you go we could be about to offer you just the help you need Channel 4 are currently in the market for a whole series worth of pets for their show all about badly behaved animals Theyve stuck out an advert looking for all manner of misbehaving mammals birds and reptilesvia GIPHY Whether its a cat dog parrot hamster pig lizard – you name it really – if its got a bad habit or a weird trick the shows producers are looking for you You might even get the answer to why your pets are behaving like they do Therell be a team of qualified vets and animal behaviourists on hand but I suspect mostly theyre in it to turn the weird stuff that your pets do into primetime telly Davinia a producer for the show said: "Were producing a brand-new teatime series about pets "We are looking for owners of pets who want answers about their animals medical and behavioural issues We have a team of qualified vets and behaviourists who are here to help owners gets answers and remedies to their questions" She added: "We are looking for a variety of pets – from dogs cats reptiles and birds to alpacas hedgehogs ferrets and guinea pigs" It doesnt end there either If youve got a neighbour who has an annoying pet then you can dob them in as wellvia GIPHY That means you can grass up that guy on your street who has got five husky pups that he has trained to howl in the garden all day and all night or the cat that breaks into your house to sleep in your pillowcase Davinia went on to say: "If someone in your local area has a pet with a funny quirky or embarrassing habit has behavioural issues or has a medical issue that needs diagnosing. Wed love to hear from them" There you are then If you or someone know you know (or dont know) has a pet with a quirky weird or embarrassing problem you or they can apply via email on [email protected] or you can call them up on 0161 952 1756You know you want to Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Pete Wicks/Lucy Watson Topics: Uk news Tv and film AnimalsThe National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has received no fewer than 149 Nigerians who voluntarily returned from Libya It was gathered that the returnees arrived the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos aboard a chartered flight operated by Buraq Airline with registration number 5A-DMG Thursday night The aircraft landed at about 10:45 pm at the Cargo Wing of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos The returnees comprised 107 male adults 37 female adults including a medical case four female children and one female infant Abrham Tamrat the Programme Manager of International Organisation for Migration (IOM) Lagos handed the returnees over to Alhaji Yakubu Suleiman the South West Zonal Coordinator of NEMA Suleiman thanked the IOM and the European Union (EU) for facilitating the repatriation of the Nigerians who had been stranded en route from Libya to Europe “Nigeria has more than enough resources to cater for our needs but it is left for everyone of us to tap from any of these abundant resources” Suleiman said He assured them that both the federal and state governments had lots of incentives for their rehabilitation and reintegration to complement the efforts of EU and IOM Ah, 71 men and 340 children. 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