Official Pikachu Shoes Fit For Any Pokémon Trainer

first_imgPut a little PikaPika in your step with these adorable new Pikachu shoes coming to you from the minds of Japanese shoe fashion label Esperanza.With the popularity of Pokémon hitting an all-time fever pitch via Nintendo DS games, anime series, and the super viral Pokémon GO app, now seems to be the time for the release of tons of products inspired by the franchise.AdChoices广告Step out in true Pokémon gamer style with the most adorable set of kicks yet, called the Pikachu Collection.A set of 4-inch heels is the signature pair of this collection, featuring a dangling Pikachu tail from the back, and Pikachu ears protruding from the front. ¥12,744, or about $123 USD.For those of us who are heel-challenged, there’s also a flat version of this shoe, much more suited to walking the streets of Tokyo looking for Pokémon. ¥9,612, or about $93 USD.The all-over print flats feature a multitude of grinning Pikachus that will bring a smile to any Pokémon trainer’s face. There are tiny Pikachu tails on the backs of these shoes as well! ¥9,612, or about $93 USD.If red is more your thing, check out the two curious Pikachu faces adorning these flats, with a subtle red Pokéball print covering the shoe. ¥9,612, or about $93 USD.Each pair of adorably bright shoes comes with a signature Pokéball-inspired shoe box, perfect for hiding your horde of Pokéballs.The shoes are available for pre-order with a 10% discount on Esperanza’s site now. They will also all be sold over-the-counter at most Esperanza shoe stores throughout Japan starting in mid-October. The Esperanza store in the famous Shibuya 109 building will also feature a limited time Pikachu photo booth!So who out there is going to spring for these novelty shoes? Gotta be the very best!last_img

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