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first_img “In the wake of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s collapse, an ancient and primordial evil has been awakened beneath the streets of New York, and with it, something equally evil has awakened in that most Wicked of Webslingers – VENOM! Still a Lethal Protector of the innocents in New York, this never-before-seen threat could force Venom to relinquish everything it holds dear – including Eddie Brock!”VENOM #1(W): Donny Cates (P): Ryan Stegman (I): JP Mayer (CA): Frank Martin (L): Clayton CowlesThis may not be the best comparison, but I’ll make it anyway. Even in the same Marvel universe, I’ve always seen Venom as the Punisher-esque version of the Spiderverse. If you think about it, it’s slightly true. Venom “kind of” protects the innocents and tries to do away with the evil. Punisher does as well. Both of them have some inner demons they need to get sorted through, and both of them carry a psychological strain that pushes them forward but also holds them back. However, Venom takes this more of a hit with a strange alien entity corrupting his human circuits. Vemon #1 doesn’t reinvent the character but glorifies whats already there into a gritty treasure trove on the New York streets that everyone will devour.via MarvelDonny Cates is just what Venom needed to give it a boost in the right direction. Coates writing in Eddie Brock and the Other (aka the symbiotes) point of view is nothing short of brilliant. The way that Cates brings together who Brock became to what he’s going through now is something that old and new readers will be able to enjoy. I’m not a big fan of Peter Parker. I’m a big fan of every other spider and one for Venom as well. With Venom #1, Cates brings you up to speed very quickly of what he’s going through. He brings you up to date with how his mind is riddled with the thoughts of the symbiote weaving inside of him. He doesn’t retcon Eddie, but he moves his story in another direction that allows him to fight what inside of him.The psychological part of where the symbol ends and Brock begins is one of the fascinating parts of the book. Cates lets Brock give us his thoughts and take on what’s happening. Not fully expressing it in words, but in thoughts as he tries to filter everything else that’s underneath the surface. He also does the same thing with the symbiote. He lets us hear what the symbiote is thinking, but also him talking to Brock and the evil thoughts as well.via MarvelWe see that close bond that the both of them have. The risk Brock is willing to take for some quiet. When one of them is out of whack, both of them are out of whack. Cates creates this chaos of the mind that spills onto the page. They work together in sync until one of them takes over. After that, all bets are off. Cates psychological take on these two is a refreshing and introduces a lesson about where monster and man meet.Ryan Stegman’s art is disgusting beautiful yet harshly fantastic. All of these are different words put together, but once you see his art in Venom #1, it will make perfect goddamn sense. Something that is outstanding within Venom #1 is Stegman’s character design, for Eddie, Venom and the threat looming over them. It’s Stegman brings us that muscle beefcake of Eddie Brock. He doesn’t skip on the about of big that he is and that’s what makes his designs perfect. He brings out devesting yet delicious details in his pencils amped and brought to more in-depth detail by JP Mayer. For Stegman and Mayer, these two work together for some massively brutal art that doesn’t let you down or stop. Every page they create together keeps the action going until you have no more left to devour then you’ll be waiting for the next issue to capture you once again.via MarvelFrank Martin’s colors set a mood of chaos and destruction, but also the feeling of being lost and slightly scared. He further brings out what Stegman and Mayers accomplish with their pencils and inks. He burns through reds, orangs, and black. Setting the streets and underground of NYC a blaze with blood, fire, and symbiote mixing in harmony. Martin keeps his colors dark, leaving you with a feeling of dreadful hopelessness of whats coming in the dark. He also anticipation with whats about to come from that darkness. He combines the emotional journey of Cate’s script with Stegman and Mayer’s pencils and inks to give us something gritty, but tough and vintage.With Clayton Cowles’ lettering, you can feel it vibrate and hit you. I love when letterers can make me cringe when hearing the songs within the panel. Cowles does this spectacularly, every hit, every smash can be heard and felt. The sound effect has variation that ebbs and flows, shifts and swirls to match the action in the panel. The placement back and forth between Eddie’s thoughts to the Other is perfectly placed to allows readers to weave through their thoughts together and apart. Cowles’ does an unbelievable job in balancing the art with the script to give us placements that click.Venom #1 continues the story of one of the most badass characters to ever grace the Spider-verse. Venom #1 is a psychological thriller that won’t allow you to turn away. 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