Google creates Minecraft mod that lets you play with quantum physics

first_imgQuantum physics is a field that is seeing growing interest from technology companies mainly because of the potential quantum computing holds for the future. But quantum physics isn’t exactly intuitive, and conveying how the principles work to an audience not already schooled in the field can prove difficult.With that in mind, a team at Google’s Quantum AI Lab has collaborated with MinecraftEdu and Caltech’s Institute for Quantum Information and Matter to create a new mod for Minecraft called qCraft. It’s not a full quantum physics simulation (yet), but it does show how quantum behaviors work and how they differ to what we all expect and experience on a daily basis.You can see a few examples of this in the qCraft introductory video below:The mod was created at Google in part to help answer the question of where future quantum computer scientists will come from. It is hoped both adults and children will start experimenting with the free mod and that some of them will become those computer scientists.For now, qCraft lets you use new blocks that exhibit quantum entanglement, superposition, and observer dependency. That’s version 1.0, but who knows how much the functionality will expand with future updates, and Google is sure to be surprised with what Minecraft players produce using qCraft.qCraft is free to use with a licensed copy of Minecraft or by a MinecraftEdu user. You can download it from or as part of the Hexxit, Tekkit, and Feed the Beast Unleashed mod packs.last_img

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