Need AirSketcher fan intelligently tracks objects turns on and off when commanded

first_imgWhen it comes to personal cooling, a fan really is the way to go. Air conditioners have their moments, but they are loud, expensive to operate, and hard to install. Fans can be placed on the ceiling, can run quietly, they oscillate, and you can speak into them and make a Darth Vader voice… what’s not to love? The AirSketcher robotic fan was designed to take one of the fan’s defining features — the ability to direct a stream of airflow — and turn it from being a limitation into an advantage.The AirSketcher fan has a built-in camera that is able to track a target. That means this fan can follow a subject around the room as they move, always directing a refreshing breeze their way. Readers: Welcome to the 21st century.The AirSketcher is also able to differentiate between two different targets and turn on/off when it recognizes one or the other. This means another cool trick is that it can oscillate intelligently, sending airflow around the room but then turning off momentarily when a flag is seen. This could come in handy if you have a room that needs a breeze, but you don’t want the papers on your desk to get messed up. You’d just need to place the “off” flag near your desk so the fan knows what to do at that moment — it will continue to oscillate but the fan will not spin for the next 30 seconds.As you can see in the video above the target markers aren’t exactly wearable yet, so the fan isn’t at the point where it would be ideal for following a person. A more refined tracking ability could make this possible, but for now it’s stuck with simple black and white cue cards. Perhaps in the future the AirSketcher could have facial recognition (though that would get annoying quickly) or be able to track the color of your shirt.The fan was designed by Masahiko Inami, Keita Watanabe, Shengda Matsuda, and Takeo Igarashi, and explained in a paper called “AirSketcher: Proposal and its implementation to facilitate the use of the wind.”  It does not seem to be available for examination at the moment.Persistant, via Oh Gizmolast_img

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