ATT rewards iPhone customer loyalty with 1000 free rollover minutes

first_imgAT&T doesn’t want you leaving their network for Verizon now that they’ve got the iPhone. They really don’t want you doing that, in fact… so much so that if you’re an iPhone user on AT&T, you can now be rewarded with 1,000 free rollover minutes, as long as you apply.Sound like a good deal? Here’s what you need to do. First, wait for a text message from AT&T (or check your existing texts) for an offer from AT&T, thanking you for your loyalty and offering you 1000 bonus rollover minutes. Respond “yes” to that text message and the 1000 bonus rollover minutes will be added to your account. Tired of waiting for a text? You can also get the Rollover minutes by texting the word ‘yes’ to 11113020, which will automatically sign you up for the same offer.AT&T’s really showing all the outward signs of panic now that Verizon has the iPhone. They obviously fear a mass migration: in the last week alone, they’ve given not just this gift of rollover minutes, but free micro cells, free unlimited calls to any cell in the country and even a new trade-in service to their customers… as long as they don’t make the switch. Here’s what’ll happen. If Verizon sells a lot of iPhones this weekend, expect AT&T’s offers to its “loyal” customers to get ever more desperate. If not, though, expect this sudden largesse to disappear entirely.Read more at 9to5Maclast_img

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