Japanese gamer destroys copy of The Last Story in fit of rage

first_imgWe don’t know the story behind why the above happened. What we do know is this is a typical way for Japanese gamers to show how angry they are with a game. They pick up a pair of scissors and start cutting the manual and disc to shreds rendering it useless to anyone else.What doesn’t make sense is the fact this copy of The Last Story hasn’t even been opened. Is this a second copy he has bought after playing the game elsewhere? Or was he just so angry that this was a Wii exclusive he didn’t need to play it before destroying the disc? We may never know. One clue we do have is the name of the YouTube poster who is “XboxFunBoy”. Is it simply nerd rage over this game not being an Xbox exclusive?Whatever the reasons, this video is sure to make a few Western gamers and Hironobu Sakaguchi fans angry. The Last Story might not even get a release outside of Japan so this is doubly wasteful.Read more at Kotakulast_img

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