CL Final Four in two days

Handball fans looking for tickets for the EHF FINAL4 are still in luck. The final tickets for the event are now on sale but are expected to sell out in the next few days before the first ball is thrown in the LANXESS arena.Tickets in all categories, including the remaining tickets in the VIP restaurant, can be purchased via the EHF FINAL4 Ticket Shop.For historical F4 event for handball sport were accredited 400 journalists.All matches you can watch on ehftv.comSaturday, 29 May 2010Medvedi – FCB 15:30C. Real – Kiel 18:00Sunday, 30 May 20103 / 4 game 15:30Final 18:00 ← Previous Story Szmal and Pineau are the best of the World in 2009! Next Story → Vfl Gummersbach win Cup Winners Cup!

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