Nicola Sturgeon calls for a pause in Brexit process

first_imgHer party won 35 seats in last week’s General Election, down 21 from the 56 MPs it returned in 2015.With Theresa May failing to win a majority, Ms Sturgeon used a meeting with her 35 MPs in Westminster to call for a UK-wide consensus position.Her previous call for a special deal to keep Scotland in the single market while the rest of the UK leaves the EU was rejected by the UK Government. She called on Monday for the involvement of the devolved governments in the Brexit negotiations, the re-establishment of the Joint Ministerial Committee (JMC) on EU Negotiations and a cross-party advisory group. Ms Sturgeon said: “In what is a very unstable situation for the UK Government it is essential that time is taken to secure a consensus over the approach to Brexit negotiations.”The Tories’ hard Brexit plan has been rejected and we cannot allow the Brexit negotiations to become hostage to the inability of either the Tories or Labour to command a clear majority.”The strongest possible position in the Brexit negotiations will be one that is backed by all parties and all governments across the UK.”As a first step it is now imperative that the UK Government takes a short pause before beginning negotiations to work with others to put together a new position – one that is truly based on the interests of the whole of the UK.”She added: “And at the heart of this position must be maintaining our place in the single market and in the customs union. That is where common ground lies.”The SNP and the Scottish Government are ready to begin discussions around such a position immediately and I call on all parties to come together to build a new way forward.” She then demanded a second independence referendum at the end of the Brexit process and has admitted the issue of a new ballot was a factor in a disastrous night for the SNP last Thursday.Ms Sturgeon has promised to reflect on her plans amid calls from her opponents, and members of her own party, for indyref2 to be taken off the table.last_img

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