ALTV Announces Launch of Moroccan Version of UserGenerated Program

Rabat – ALTV’s free streaming service is bringing a new daily show to Morocco titled “Li Share3 Wijhar Nadar.” Translated as “Street’s Point of View,” the program will be the first ever user-generated events show in Morocco.The daily Moroccan show promises to provide its Moroccan audience with the relevant, localized content their studies showed Moroccans have been asking for.The project is part of ALTV’s mission to “turn viewers from across the MENA region into digital content creators. The concept behind the show is to share “perspectives of everyday people on the day’s local and global trending stories.” Speaking of the show’s success in the region, ALTV’s ambassador, Yassine Jarram, explained that “Street’s Point of View’s rapid success highlights the evident lack of localized programming that is relevant to local audiences.”The show’s approach to reporting on current events is “refreshing to Moroccan audiences and it is proving popular among the millennial generation.”“The show’s coverage presented through the points of view of local communities sets it apart from traditional mainstream broadcasters. It gives communities a voice in addition to an exciting new source of relevant entertainment,” Jarram said.“Street’s Point of View epitomizes the approach that ALTV is bringing to its content, breathing new life into programming and film production to give local audiences the opportunity to enjoy high quality, local stories,” said David C. McCourt, the show’s executive producer, who is a global media entrepreneur and founder of ALTV.McCourt added that ALTV is exploring testing the show’s format in other markets across the Middle East and North Africa as part of its commitment to its audiences, including Morocco. “… the format and premise of the show is already transcending internationally and we expect to formally announce new markets for the show in the coming weeks and months.”Audiences can expect surprise appearances from well-known guests from time to time. No date has yet been announced for the airing of the first is a community-led digital media platform, offering a grass-roots approach to media production to answer an often-neglected appetite for local content. It offers training and production opportunities to creative people who need a start in realizing their vision.

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