Professors’ Job Is to Fight Creationism?

first_imgAccording to evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne, interviewed in Current Biology1 Oct. 5,Once I learned how to be a professor, I needed new challenges.  It’s our responsibility as American evolutionists to combat creationism, which is far more entrenched here than in the UK.1Jerry Coyne, Q&A, Current Biology Volume 14, Issue 19, 5 October 2004, Pages R825-R826, doi:10.1016/j.cub.2004.09.031.It’s hard to fight creationists when your favorite examples, like peppered moths, keep dropping off the tree (see 07/02/2002 headline).  Coyne exalts Darwin and all his favorite Charlie Parley prima donnas, dandies and bearded bigots (see 09/02/2004 headline): Dobzhansky, Simpson, Lewontin, Gould and Dawkins, especially when the latter is trashing religion (see 04/23/2003 headline).    No, Professor Coyne, your job is not to fight creationism.  Your job is to teach good science.  Your job is to demonstrate that the Darwinian formula L = M + E (life = matter + energy) is sufficient to explain molecular machines, the origin of flight, the human brain and all the rest without any cheating invocations of the I term (information).  Your job is to show how all the evidence establishes your view of origins (see 07/30/2004 headline), without stooping to glittering generalities, extrapolation (see 01/15/2004 headline), selective evidence, bluffing or other propaganda tactics and logical fallacies.    Your job is to teach students critical thinking skills by allowing them to hear all the evidence, not shield them from damaging discoveries that expose the failings of Darwinism (see 09/27/2004 headline) and falsify Charlie’s central claim to fame, natural selection (see 10/14/2003 and 08/20/2003 headlines).  Your job is not to fight the founders of modern science, who were for the most part creationists, but to exalt the pursuit of truth wherever the evidence leads.  Creationism would not be entrenched and gaining ground on the battlefield of ideas if it were not for the ineffectiveness of the weapons in the Darwin Party’s armory.  Creationists are not intimidated by spitwads.(Visited 18 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img

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