Center for Geographic Analysis hosts COVID-19 forum

first_img Read Full Story As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves rapidly around the globe, the Center for Geographic Analysis at IQSS is hosting an online forum focusing on time-sensitive geospatial research on COVID-19-related topics.The CGA Virtual Forum: Responding to The Covid-19 Pandemic with Geospatial Research and Applications will be held on Friday (May 1), from 10 a.m.–1 p.m. ET via online conference. An international line-up of speakers will present geospatial topics such as data privacy, spread of misinformation, and planning for hospital surges, and will end with a panel discussion.Registration is free; the meeting URL will be sent to registered attendees via email.To see the full agenda of topics and speakers, as well as to register for the event, visit the CGA website.The Center for Geographic Analysis is a program at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science that administers Harvard-wide GIS infrastructure, collects and disseminates spatial datasets, and provides training and consultation in the use of geospatial technologies. last_img

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