Origami fairy hits Corpus Christi

first_img[mm-hide-text]%%IMG_ORIGINAL%%5313%%[/mm-hide-text]Students at Corpus Christi college were bewildered on Wednesday after a flock of paper cranes appeared in the library overnight. The origami birds, which came in pink, green, yellow and orange varieties, were found at regular intervals throughout the working area. Some were perched atop piles of books; others were peering out from shelves; still others were positioned on windowsills.Students’ reaction to the birds was generally positive. Second-year Joe Dawson said, “The birds were a welcome ray of sunshine in all of our lives.”Leo Topp, Corpus student and President of Oxford’s Origami Society, commented, “OrigamiSoc approves of all propagation of origami. Origami is a fun and beautiful art form, and this kind of gesture is exactly how it is best used, to add some colour into people’s lives. I just hope this isn’t the last we hear from our mystery folder!”Others, however, were less enthusiastic. Alex Law, a second-year Classics and Oriental Studies student described his reaction on discovering the colourful cranes, complaining, “It made me want to vom. The library is not a place for fun.[mm-hide-text]%%IMG_ORIGINAL%%5316%%[/mm-hide-text][mm-hide-text]%%IMG_ORIGINAL%%5315%%[/mm-hide-text]Photos by Kezia Locklast_img read more