first_imgWe hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE that speculation has reached the fever point with respect to the upcoming announcement from former Evansville Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel that he is planning to seek the Democrat nomination to oppose Congressman Larry Bucshon in the 2018 election to be the House of Representatives member the Indiana’s 8th Congressional District?…for many Weinzapfel’s candidacies is a foregone conclusion?…holding elected office certainly has been about the only job that Weinzapfel has continually sought for his entire adult life?…he has been a banker, a lawyer, and a community college chancellor but the only constant in the former Mayor’s life has been his ravenous hunger to be elected?IS IT TRUE we are hearing that opposing campaigns are licking their chops at the prospects of running against Weinzapfel? …we are told that his competition will remind the voters of the 8th District about the some of the questionable decisions he made while he was Mayor of Evansville?IS IT TRUE if Weinzapfel decides to run for Congress his Democrat challenger will be a well-respected person who does not have a litany of financial debacles in his political history? …for the last several months a prominent Terre Haute attorney William Tanoos has been going all around the 8th district, visiting as many counties, communities as possible? …we have been told that he is receiving good support in Vanderburgh County and the surrounding counties in Southwest Indiana?IS IT TRUE that Congressman Bucshon is seemly well liked among most Republicans in the 8th District and he will remind voters that the economy has been on fire since President Donald Trump was elected?…we are told that it will be difficult for any Democrat to defeat Congressman Bucshon because he will have the strong financial backing of local, state and the national GOP?  …you can also expect that Vice President Pence and Governor Holcomb and their friend will put unlimited financial resources to ensure that Congressmen Bucshon will be re-elected?IS IT TRUE that 8th District Congressman Larry Bucshon has an opponent in the Republican primary? …we expect conservative Dr. Richard Moss of Jasper to call Mr. Bucshon out on some of the votes he casts during recent years?  …we know that Dr. Moss will be dogging him about his legal resident’s status?IS IT TRUE on the minus side Congressman Larry Bucshon is a dull campaigner?  …some people consider him to be a little cold and snobbish but we feel he might be just reserved?  …people are telling us that it seems like his campaign staff has lost some of their focus? …Dr. Bucshon has to convince the people of the 8th District that he and his family home is here and not in Washinton, DC? …we expect that race for the 8th District Congressional seat will be the most costly and in your face political battle we have seen in a long time?IS IT TRUE we predict that the upcoming 2018 Primary and General elections are going to extremely competitive? …that Federal, State and County offices are on the ballot? …we expect that the District #2 Republican primary race for County Commissioner will be one hell of a race to watch?  …the candidate who can garner 5,500 votes will be the primary winners?  …we expect this race will draw a big voter turnout?IS IT TRUE we are told that it will be particularly burdensome for any candidate that has wasted tax dollars on questionable projects and a reputation for arrogance and hubris dominating his or her resume will have a hard time in being elected to public office in 2018 or 2019?IS IT TRUE it looks like District 77 State Representative Ryan Hatfield is on his way to an easy re-election bid? …during his first term in office, Mr. Hatfield has established himself as a voice of reason and an extremely hard-working elected official?IS IT TRUE that Brady Hall just announced that he is no longer a candidate for the Indiana State Senate District 49 because he has decided to move to Indianapolis?  …we wish him well because he is an extremely nice person? IS IT TRUE that the newly appointed Finance Chairman of the Evansville City County did a good job in that position at last Monday meeting?  …we congratulate Jonathon Weaver for being up to the task?IS IT TRUE that the newly elected President of the Evansville City Council, Jim Brinkmeyer is doing a very good job in conducting council meetings?Todays “Readers Poll” question is: Do you feel that the chances of 8th District Congressman Larry Bucshon being re-elected to another term are very good?Please take time and read our articles entitled “STATEHOUSE FILES, CHANNEL 44 NEWS, LAW ENFORCEMENT, READERS POLL, BIRTHDAYS, HOT JOBS” and “LOCAL SPORTS”.  You now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily.If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us City-County [email protected]’S FOOTNOTE:  Any readers comments posted in this column do not represent the views or opinions of the City-County Observer or our advertisers FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img read more